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1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s Afterlife Airplane Airport Alcoholism Alphabet Ambidexterity Animal Cage Animal Crackers Anonymous Telephone Call Aqua Velva Arrest Attorney Baby Bag Over Head Bar Based On Book Basement Birthday Blind Date Blood Blood Spatter Blood Stain Bomb Book Boy Boy Scouts Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Bridge Briefcase Brother Brother Relationship Brother In Law Sister In Law Relationship Brushing Teeth Cafe California Camera Candlestick Park San Francisco Car Trouble Cartoonist Child Abuse Child In Peril Children Chiropractor Christmas Christmas Tree CIA Cigarette Smoking Cipher Circumstantial Evidence Code Code Breaking Coffee Confession Cookie Countdown At A Films Beginning Crime Scene Criminal Investigation Cross Cruelty Cryptography Dead Body Dead Girl Dead Man Dead Woman Death Diner Divorce Dmv Door Key Door Lock Double Murder Doughnut Drag Queen Drink Drinking Drive In Restaurant Drivers License Drug Addiction Drunkenness Due Process Eagle Scout Election Encoded Message Encryption False Confession False Lead Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fax FBI Female Victim Film Canister Film Projectionist Fingerprint Firecracker Fireworks Firing Range Flash Forward Flashlight Footprint Fourth Of July Framed For Murder Gardening Gas Chamber Girl Gloves Golden Gate Bridge Governor Gun Gun For Hire Halloween Handwriting Handwriting Analysis Happy Birthday Hardware Store Headache Helicopter Highway Patrolman Hired Killer Homicidal Maniac Houseboat Housekeeper Husband Wife Relationship Interrogation Interview Investigation Japanese Food Journalist Judge Jumping From A Car Lake Latent Homosexuality Lawyer Letter Library Book Limping Luger Maid Mailman Mailroom Male Female Relationship Man With Glasses Manhunt Maniac Marital Separation Masked Killer Masked Man Mass Murderer Mayor Mental Institution Military Military Boots Modesto Bee The Newspaper Modesto California Montage Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Motorcycle Movie Fan Movie Organist Movie Poster Movie Theater Movie Theatre Marquee Letters Multiple Suspects Murder Murder For Hire Murder Investigation Murder Of A Baby Murder Victim Murder Witness Mysterious Man Mysterious Voice Mystery Killer Napa California Newspaper Newspaper Cartoon Newspaper Clipping Newspaper Headline Note Oakland California Obscene Finger Gesture Obsession One Word Title Ontario California Overhead Projector Package Pain Painting Paranoia Park Parking Pay Phone Pedophile Pedophilia Personality Change Phone Booth Photo Enlargement Photograph Photographer Pickup Truck Picnic Pistol Police Police Call Box Police Detective Police Inspector Police Psychologist Police Station Policeman Politics Porn Magazine Pre Credit Scene Pre Law Student Presidio San Francisco Prison Prison Visitation Prologue Psycho Killer Psycho Thriller Psychological Trauma Puzzle Radio Show Radio Talk Show Rain Rainstorm Red Herring Reference To Armistead Maupin Reporter Restaurant Rifle Riverside California Riverside Community College Robbery Rodeo California Rope Running Sacramento California Sadism Salinas California San Francisco California San Francisco Chronicle The Newspaper San Francisco Examiner The Newspaper San Francisco Police Department Santa Rosa California School School Bus School Desk Scrapbook Screaming Search Search For A Killer Searching Serial Killer Sex Offender Sfpd Shooting Shooting Range Shot In The Chest Shot In The Head Shot In The Neck Shot To Death Sister Sister Relationship Slave Sociology Major Squirrel Stabbed In The Back Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed To Death Stabbing Stalking Stepbrother Stepsister Relationship Stepmother Stepson Relationship Symbol Talking While Driving Tape Recorder Target Practice Taxi Taxi Driver Teenage Boy Teenage Girl Telephone Call Television Station Theft Thief Tied Up Time Lapse Photography Title Spoken By Character Trailer Home Trailer Park Trauma TV Commercial TV News Underwear Unknown Killer Unsolved Crime Vallejo California Vallejo Times The Newspaper Video Game Violence Waiter Watching A Movie Watching TV Water What Happened To Epilogue Wine Wiretapping Witness Woman With Glasses Womens Prison Wristwatch Writer Writing Writing On A Car Year 1969 Year 1970 Year 1971 Year 1977 Year 1978 Year 1979 Year 1983 Year 1991 Zodiac Zodiac Killer


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