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Actress Anti Villain Aunt Nephew Relationship Bank Robbery Bank Vault Based On Comic Based On Comic Book Best Friend Billboard Blockbuster Body Landing On A Car Boy With Glasses Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Burning Building Butler Canceled Wedding Captain Car Accident Cemetery CGI Chainsaw Character Appears In Newspaper Character Name In Title Child In Peril Chrysler Building Manhattan New York City College Comic Hero Crime Fighter Cult Favorite Damsel In Distress Death Death Of Loved One Deception Defamation Delivery Boy Digit In Title Drowning El Train Electrocution Elevator Elongated Cry Of No Engagement Exploding Building Fake News Report Falling From Height Fiance Fiancee Relationship Fight Fight On A Train Roof Fighting In The Air Flipping Car Fusion Girl Next Door Guilt Hate Hit By A Car Hostage Husband Wife Relationship Hyphen In Title Impalement Interrupted Wedding Jilted Jumping From Height Laboratory Laundromat Left At The Altar Lifting Someone Into The Air Loss Of Husband Loss Of Job Loss Of Powers Loss Of Wife Mad Scientist Magnetic Field Manhattan New York City Marriage Marvel Comics Marvel Entertainment Mask Masked Man Mathematics Modeling Movie With Surprise Ending Moving Out Multiple Personality New York City New York Skyline Newspaper Editor Number In Title Photographer Pizza Delivery Play Professor Punctuation In Title Queens New York City Radiation Radical Transformation Redemption Reference To Thomas Edison Reporter Retribution Revenge Runaway Train Secret Secret Identity Secret Room Sequel Slow Motion Scene Speed Split Personality Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Face Super Villain Superhero Supernatural Power Teen Romance Teenage Boy Tragic Villain Train Train Ride Train Station University Unrequited Love Villain Web Wedding


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