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Anti Villain Aunt Nephew Relationship Based On Comic Book Blockbuster Boy With Glasses Bra Less Brooklyn Bridge Bully Businessman Butler Cable Car Character Name In Title Child In Peril Childhood Sweetheart Chrysler Building Manhattan New York City Comic Hero Corporate Mogul Corporate Take Over Corporate World Crime Fighter Cult Favorite Defense Contract Dramatic Irony Editorial Office Experiment Gone Wrong Famous Proverb Father Son Relationship Field Trip Fighting In The Air Gene Manipulation Genetic Experimentation Genetic Science Genetics Giant Web Girl Next Door Graduation Guilt Hanging Upside Down Hatred Heavy Rain High School High School Graduation Hit In The Crotch Honor Impalement Insanity Jealousy Journalism Journalist Kiss From Upside Down Person Kissing In The Rain Kung Fu Laboratory Laboratory Accident Libel Loss Of Uncle Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade Madness Manhattan New York City Martial Arts Marvel Comics Marvel Entertainment Mask Masked Man Megalomaniac Businessman Mental Illness Moral Ambiguity Moral Dilemma Moral Transformation Multiple Personality Murder Nerd New York City Newspaper Newspaper Editor Nipples Visible Through Clothing Origin Of Hero Orphan Outcast Part Computer Animation Pay Phone Photographer Photography Poetic Justice Pokies Product Placement Professional Wrestling Queens New York City Radiation Radical Transformation Rain Reboot Of Series Redemption Rescue Responsibility Reverse Footage Science Experiment Science Project Losing Funding Science Runs Amok Secret Identity Secret Love See Through Brassiere Self Sacrifice Skeleton Slander Speed Spider Spider Bite Spider Sense Split Personality Super Villain Superhero Superhuman Strength Suspension Bridge Switchblade Teenage Boy Teenage Romance Teenage Superhero Thanksgiving Tragic Event Tragic Villain Uncle Nephew Relationship Unloved Son Unrequited Love Vigilante Villain Voice Over Narration Wall Crawling Webslinging Wet T Shirt Wheelchair Wilhelm Scream Wisecrack Humor Wrestler Wrestling Wrestling Contest Wrestling Match Wrestling Ring


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