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Action Hero Antihero Attempted Murder Bank Heist Betrayal Black Comedy Blockbuster Blood Spatter Boat Bomb Breaking Bottle Over Head Brooklyn Bridge Brother Brother Relationship Buddy Car Car Chase Central Park Manhattan New York City Child In Peril Cigarette Smoking Corpse Covered In Blood Cult Favorite Cut Arm Death Deception Die Hard Scenario Dump Truck English Subtitles In Original Exploding Car Exploding Helicopter Exploding Ship Explosion Falling From Height Father Son Relationship FBI Agent Femme Fatale Ghetto Gold Gore Gun Hangover Harlem Manhattan New York City Head Butt Headache Heist Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Honorable Villain Imperative In Title Impersonating A Police Officer Interracial Friendship Jump Onto Train Kick In Stomach Kicked In The Face Knife Throwing Knocked Out Machine Gun Manhattan New York City Mass Murder Movie With Twist In The End Neck Breaking New York City No Opening Credits One Day One Man Army Outrunning Explosion Pay Phone Photograph Police Police Badge Police Officer Killed Police Station Psychopath Punched In The Face Quebec Canada Racial Slur Racism Racist Revenge Riddle Robbery Scar Sequel Ship Shoot Shootout Shot In The Chest Shot In The Head Shot In The Leg Shot Through Door Shot To Death Simon Says Sliced In Two Sniper Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Leg Stabbed To Death Stealing Car Stuttering Subtitled Scene Subway Subway Station Switchblade Taxi Telephone Booth Terrorism Third Part Threatened With Knife Throat Slitting Torso Cut In Half Train Urban Setting Vengeance Villainess Violence Wall Street Manhattan New York City Water Fountain Wisecrack Humor World Trade Center Manhattan New York City Yugo

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