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Abduction Accidental Hero Actor Playing Multiple Roles Adolescent Allegory Alternate Universe Animal Attack Animal In Cast Credits Animate Tree Anthropomorphic Scarecrow Apple Tree Aunt Niece Relationship Award Axe Based On Novel Basket Beauty Salon Bicycle Black & White To Color Black And White Segues Into Color Blizzard Brain Broom Broomstick Bubble Castle Cat Chandelier Character Melts Character Name In Title Charlatan Child In Peril Childs Point Of View Clock Compassion Cornfield Coroner Courage Cowardice Critically Acclaimed Crossroads Crow Crushed To Death Crystal Ball Cyclone Dance Death Certificate Deus Ex Machina Diploma Disguise Dog Doorman Dream Dungeon Dwarf Dysfunctional Family Ensemble Cast Escape Evil Witch Fainting Falling From Height Famous Line Famous Score Famous Song Fantasy World Farm Farm Hand Farmhouse Fire Floating Head Flying House Flying Monkey Forest Fortune Teller Friendship Gate Gone In Puff Of Smoke Good Versus Evil Guard Guilt Haunted Forest Heart Heroine Hiding Behind A Curtain Home Sweet Home Homesickness Horse Hostage Hot Air Balloon Hourglass Husband Wife Relationship Imaginary Land Impostor Innocence Inspiring Story Intellectual It Was All A Dream Kansas Levitation Lifting Person In Air Lion Magic Magic Shoe Medal Melting Woman Midget Monkey Movie With Surprise Ending Narcotic Sleep Oil Can Omaha Nebraska Person On Fire Pleading Poppy Quest Recluse Rescue Rich Snob Road Road Trip Ruby Red Slipper Runaway Scarecrow Secret Secret Identity Sepia Shoe Singer Singing Skywriting Snow Song Talking Animal Threat Tin Man Tornado Tree Uncle Niece Relationship Unconsciousness Village Villainess Voyage Walled City Weather Wind Storm Witch Witchcraft Wizard Woodsman

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