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1700s Altered Version Of Studio Logo Anti Hero Arrest Axe Based On Theme Park Attraction Bat Beach Beautiful Woman Bell Tower Betrayal Bird Attack Blockbuster Blowgun Bone Bridal Gown British Empire Cage Canceled Wedding Cannibalism Cannon Caribbean Castaway Cemetery CGI Chandelier Chase Chasm Chest Cliffhanger Coffin Compass Crab Crow Cult Favorite Cult Figure Curse Dark Fantasy Davy Jones Death Sentence Dice Dice Game Dog Double Cross Dreadlocks Dress Drunkenness East Indian Company Eaten Alive Escape Explosion Eyes Pecked Out Face Slap Fall From Height Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Father Son Reunion Fire Flaming Sword Flies Gambling Ghost Ship Giant Squid Ginger Plant Glass Eye Governor Gunpowder Hat Heart Historical Fiction Hung Upside Down Island Jack Sparrow Jail Jamaica Jar Jealousy Key Kraken Lifting Person In Air Love Triangle Macaw Mace And Chain Macguffin Male Drag Midget Monkey Monster Movie With Surprise Ending Murder Music Box Native Tribe Naval Officer No Opening Credits Old Flame Organ Parrot On Shoulder Part Of Trilogy Peg Leg Pendant Pigsty Pirate Pirate Ship Presumed Dead Rainstorm Rescue Rope Bridge Rowboat Ruins Rum Scene After End Credits Sea Captain Sea Monster Seashell Second Part Self Sacrifice Sequel Severed Head Ship Sinking Signet Skeleton Slavery Slime Snake Squid Steampunk Superstition Surprise After End Credits Swashbuckler Sword Fight Telescope Tentacle Theft Treasure Treasure Chest Undead Underwater Vomit Voodoo Wager Water Wheel Wedding Superstition Whipping Wilhelm Scream

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