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1860s Abduction Abyss American Flag Amputee Assassination Back Pack Barrel Beautiful Woman Beetle Bicycle Helmet Big Ben London Birthday Birthday Party Blockbuster Book Book Signing Bridge Buckingham Palace London Buried Alive Calvin Coolidge Camera Candle Car Accident Car Chase Cave Of Gold Cell Phone Cellphone Photo Chase Child In Peril Civil War Code Breaking College Professor Combination Lock Conspiracy Crutch Death By Drowning Desk Detention Diary Divorce Double Decker Bus Driving Backwards Drown Drowning Dumbwaiter Earring Eiffel Tower Paris England Escape Ex Husband Ex Husband Ex Wife Relationship Ex Wife Fake Drunkenness Father Son Relationship FBI Ferrari Fire Alarm Fireplace Fireworks Fishing Flare Flashlight Flower Fountain France Gate Gold Gold Treasure Government Conspiracy Hacker Hangar Helicopter Hidden Treasure Honor Horse Horse Riding Hostage Internal Revenue Service Internet Jumping Off Bridge Key Knife Ladder Lantern Laptop Computer Ledge Letter Library Library Of Congress Lincoln Assassination Lincoln Memorial London England Lovers Quarrel M 16 Magnifying Glass Marital Argument Mary Todd Lincoln Mercedes Benz Mother Son Relationship Motorcycle Mount Rushmore Mount Vernon Murder Narrow Escape Native American Native American Art Native American Culture Oil Oval Office Painting Parent Paris France Party Photograph Pistol Plot Portrait Painting Prologue Race Against Time Red Light Remote Control Helicopter Restroom River Sandwich Scuba Second Part Secret Code Secret Compartment Secret Door Secret Passage Secret Room Security Guard Semiautomatic Pistol Sequel Service Elevator Sledgehammer Sliding Down Banister Soaked Clothes Stairwell Statue Statue Of Liberty New York City Studio Logo Segues Into Film Subterranean Tavern Thames Tourist Tow Truck Traffic Camera Traffic Light Translation Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunter Turtleneck Sweater Underwater Scene University University Of Maryland US Civil War US President Virginia Washington DC Water Wet Jeans White House

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