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African American Man Anti Hero Assassination Atonal Music Score Attraction Bakery Bandage Bank Robbery Bar Bed Bedroom Bikini Blonde Blood Book Brawl Broken Glass Broken Nose Brunette Brutality Buried Alive Character Name In Title Chase Child Murder City Corpse Corrupt Cop Corruption Criminal Cross Cruelty Cult Favorite Dark Dark Past Darkness Dead Girl Dead Man Dead Woman Desire Detective Dirty Harry Elephant Gun Ethnic Slur Famous Line Famous Score Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity First Of Series Foot Chase Football Field Gay Glasses Good Versus Evil Gunshot Wound Hate Helicopter High Powered Rifle Hired Killer Homosexual Homosexuality Implied Rape Infidelity Irish American Jazz Score Jealousy Justice Kidnapping Killing Knife Knife In Thigh Knife Murder Lake Long Hair Love Interest Magnum Handgun Magnum44 Maniac Masked Man Mass Murder Mercilessness Murder Murder Investigation Mysterious Man Neo Noir Newspaper Nipples Nude Woman Murdered Nudity Obsession Pedophile Pedophilia Plainclothes Officer Police Police Brutality Police Officer Professional Hit Psycho Psycho Killer Psychopath Psychotic Pubic Hair Racial Slur Ransom Rape Repeated Line Revenge Revolver Righteous Rage Robbery Rogue Cop Rooftop Run Over Fire Hydrant Sadism Sadist San Francisco California Scream Screaming Sensuality Sergeant Serial Killer Sexual Desire Shot In The Back Silence Skyscraper Sniper Social Commentary Sociology Spying Stabbed In The Leg Stabbing Stilleto Sunglasses Swimming Swimming Pool Swimming Underwater Switchblade Teenager Nudity Telephone Booth Telephone Box Title Spoken By Character Tooth Extraction Trauma Vietnam Veteran Vigilante Violence Voyeur Voyeurism Warrior Water Widower Woman Shot Zodiac Killer


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