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5th Century Bc Abdominals Adultery Ambassador Anal Sex Ancient Greece Animal Attack Antiquity Arab Stereotype Arabic Stereotype Archer Archery Army Arrow Bare Breasts Bare Butt Bare Chested Male Based On Comic Based On Comic Book Based On Graphic Novel Battle Battle Axe Battle Of Thermopylae Beach Beaten To Death Beautiful Woman Beefcake Betrayal Bleeding Blockbuster Blood Blood Spatter Canyon Child In Peril Cliff Closing Credits Sequence Corpse Critically Mixed Cult Favorite Dark Horse Comics Death Decapitation Deformity Digit In Title Disembowelment Disfigured Nipples Dismemberment Elephant Epic Evisceration Eye Patch Face Slap Falling From Height Falling Off A Cliff Famous Line Father Son Relationship Female Nudity Fighter Fighters Gash In The Face Giant Gold Gore Greece Grenade Hand To Hand Combat Harem Helmet Historical Fantasy Historical Fiction Honor Hopelessly Outnumbered Hunchback Hyperrealism Impalement Infanticide Kick King Lesbian Kiss Lobster Man Loss Of Husband Loss Of Son Love Slave Loyalty Machismo Madness Male Nudity Marriage Mask Massacre Mongolian Monster Nipples Visible Through Clothing No Opening Credits Number In Title Ogre Oracle Persian Persian Empire Personality Cult Phalanx Pit Politics Prologue Queen Rape Rear Entry Sex Rhinoceros Rite Of Passage Severed Arm Severed Head Severed Leg Sex Shield Siege Slavery Slow Motion Scene Soldier Spartan Spear Spear Through Chest Speech Spit In The Face Stabbed In The Arm Stabbed In The Back Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Eye Stabbed In The Head Stabbed In The Mouth Stabbed In The Shoulder Stabbed In The Stomach Studio Logo Segues Into Film Sword Sword And Sandal This Being Sparta Title Spoken By Character Told In Flashback Topless Female Nudity Trampled To Death Treason Unreliable Narrator Violence Virtual Set Voice Over Narration Warrior Wolf Woman On Top Xerxes



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