Little Marines ( 1991 ) (1969)
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Little Marines ( 1991 ) 1969

Little Marines: 3 friends named Stevie, Chris, and Noah get out of school for the summer and decide to take a trip camping. Along the way, they run into obstacles such as a drug dealer, mischievous little kids, and a Killer dog. The boys also have flashbacks of a friend named Matt, who died one year earlier to cancer. They also visit his grave along the way. When they arrive at their campsite, they notice a Snake, Keep Out sign on a fence. The Snake is a man dressed in black who rides a motorcycle and terrorizes people in the forest and the campsites. The boys also run into a lonely man who lost his family and befriend him.

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Action Adventure Family
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Solar rating:2 /10

Version 2409 views
Version 1 HD 911 views
Version 2HD 13816 views
Version 3HD 2573 views
Version 96 views

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