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Accordion Accordion Player Actor Actress Applause Army Auditorium Bar Beach Beer Biker Blood Boat Border Border Crossing Bride And Groom Brother Sister Relationship Bugle Bus Cafe Capture Chicken Children Cigarette Smoking Costume Creation Story Crying Dancer Dancing Darkness Dead Horse Death Death Of Horse Dock Drachma Dragging Horse Dream Dying Dying Horse Earth Mover Earthmoving Equipment Eluding Capture Escape Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear First Love Flag Flying Hand Fog Footsteps Gay Germany Grandfather Grandson Relationship Hand Helicopter Hiding Hitchhiking Homosexual Horse Hotel Hunger Illegitimacy Journey Learning Lines Letter Liar Lie Loneliness Lost Love Magical Realism Male Female Relationship Marching Missing Father Mist Money Morning Star Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Motor Bike Motorcycle Motorcycle Rally On The Road Orange Drink Passport Piece Of Film Pier Pleiades Police Police Car Policeman Pursuit Railway Station Rain Rape Rape Of A Child Rape Of Girl Reference To Euripides Reference To Golfo The Shepherdess Reference To Orestes Rehearsal Restaurant River Road Runaway Running Running Away Sandwich Sea Seagull Search Search For Father Selling Motorcycle Sibling Snail Snow Snowing Soldier Spyridon Peresiades Statue Statue Of Hand Storytelling Stowaway Suitcase Surrogate Father Tears Telephone Call Theatre Production Theatrical Troupe Thessaloniki Greece Train Train Conductor Train Ticket Travel Travelling Players Tree Truck Truck Driver Uncle Nephew Relationship Uncle Niece Relationship Violin Violinist Voice Over Letter Voice Over Narration Waitress Watchtower Wedding Reception Wine

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